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Available Volunteer Opportunities
   Adoption Receptionist
   Adoption Follow-up Phonecalls
   Cleaning & Feeding at PostCare Facility
   Foster Parent

   Clerical Assistance
   Fundraising and Tabling

Habitat Volunteer Handbook

Adoption Receptionist

Volunteers are needed in the afternoon and/or evening hours to present cats avaialble for adoption to the public. This involves greeting a client, explaining the adoption process & application, and presenting the foster cats available for adoption. Adoptions would be completed by an adoption councilor and are conducted at Habitat's Store Front Adoption office. A committment of 2-3 hours, once a week or every other week is desired.

Care Taker at Habitat's Post-Care Facility

Volunteer(s) are needed, both in the morning and evening to feed cats, clean bedding & litter and help monitor a cat's behavior and health. Habitat operates a facility, known as the PostCare Clinic, where cats are temporaily housed when recoverying from spay/neuter or other surgeries. A committment of 3-4 hours, once a week or every other week is desired.

Adoption Follow-Up Phonecalls

Volunteer(s) is needed to make follow up phonecalls to adopters to inquire about adopted kitty and check if there are any problems, questions, etc. Volunteer will call from their own/home phone and follow a questionaire and then log responses. Some basic training on approach to speaking to adopter will be provided. Volunteer should live in the local operating area (New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fall River, etc). Some long distance calls will be reimbursed.

Foster Parenting

Habitat for Cats foster care program arose out of the need to shelter the adoptable cats and kittens that are rescued from homeless or abandoned situations.Private foster care provides the environment to transition the stray cat from life outdoors and to socialize young kittens that have never had human contact. Foster parents are responsible to:
Provide daily water, feeding, grooming, and maintain a clean/sanitary living area for the cat(s).
Provide the cat with emotional needs such as affection, petting, playing, & exercise.
Prepare the pet for adoption and maintain medical records as per adoption requirements.
Transport foster pets to veterinarian and adoption appointments.

Habitat for Cats provides all medical care and a reimbursement for food and litter.
Foster parent should have a separate room in home to quaratine foster cats from other pets. Caring for a foster cat or kitten is a very rewarding and fun experience.

Clerical Assistance

Our volunteers do so many different things but paperwork is the last thing to get done. We need a few volunteers to do filing, organizing, copying, mailing, etc. at the Adoption Center. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who likes the company of cats but does not want to be involved in direct care. A committment of 1 to 2 hours a week would help us to prepare for Adoption Days and respond to mailings.


Habitat for Cats maintains a small feral cat sanctuary located in Westport, Ma. Volunteers are needed to feed, clean up feeding areas, clean a few litter boxes and observe cats and sanctuary grounds for any problems. A committment of once a week or every other week is requested (schedule is negotiated). A feeder is primarily needed for late afternoon - dinner time. Volunteer should like the outdoor wooded environment and not be shy about getting your shoes dirty or a few bug bites. At feeding time, all the cats come out of their resting places to greet you. Many like to follow you around while the food bowls are filled. Join us and become a "Piped Piper" of the Sanctuary.

Click on the Sanctuary link for more information and photos.

Fundraising and Tabling

Volunteers are needed to organize fundraising events and activities and to participate in "tabling".

Fundraising involves planning, organizing and implementing events such as spaghetti suppers, bake sales, yard sales. raffles, cocktail party, dances, etc. Fundraising also involves ideas for marketing merchandise and gift items. We always need new ideas and new talent.

Tabling is aimed at promoting the organization and soliciting new names to add to Habitat's mailing list. Tabling is usually done at grocery stores, festivals, pet stores, etc. At these events, volunteers provide information about Habitat's adoption and TNR programs, educate the public on cat care and proper cat ownership, feral colony management, etc.
Tabling is also a method used to recruit new volunteers and appeal for donations.

Grant and Proposal Development

A volunteer is needed to do research on available grants and awards applicable to Habitat for Cats programs. Access to a computer and email is necessary. Volunteer should be able to co-ordinate information for grants, develop and organize information and grant application package. Sample grants are available and volunteer would be working with other members of the organization.

Habitat for Cats Volunteer Handbook

Habitat for Cats operates totally by volunteers; there are no paid employees. Volunteers are regarded as a valuable resource to this organization, its staff, and its clients, which includes cats, as well as people. The Volunteer Handbook describes Habitat's policies regarding volunteers and provides overall guidance and direction to the governing staff  and volunteers.

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Habitat for Cats Volunteer Handbook

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